We are a community of engaged co-workers committed to personal and professional growth

We are a community of engaged co-workers committed to personal and professional growth

We had a pleasure to share our insights and experiences on developing web solutions, managing software projects and building high-performing development teams on top European conferences and meetups in Germany and the UK.

We contribute to the open source projects and are involved in global Ember.js community.


We support building thriving software development communities in region. They gather web development professionals, front-end and back-end software engineers interested in modern web development.

Every month we host community event in our office. Attendees can take part in World Cafe sessions, deliver lightning talks or just have fun. Free beer, pizza or hot dogs included.

Coder Dojos

We are a part of the global community which gathers more than 1700 free, open and local programming clubs for young people. Our developers are mentors for all those who would like to improve or grow their software development skills.

On Thursdays all people interested in front-end or back-end languages can visit our office and learn programming skills. We also organize 6 weeks training program which allows participants to learn JavaScript.

Ember.js BB Meetup

This group is for anyone interested in developing modern web applications. The goal is to exchange best practices in area of building Web Applications in context of Ember.js ecosystem.

All topics around ember.js, glimmer.js are welcome as long as issues related to next JavaScript, changes in the browsers. We are very keen to host presentation that share best practices from other worlds like react.js vue.js


Videos from our talks


Coder Dojo trainings


Members of our meetups